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gauze sponge folding machine with un-fold edge (French folding)
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Gauze sponge folding machine with folded edge, gauze compress folding machine, gauze swab folding machine, medical gauze pad folding equipment.
To fold surgical gauze swab / gauze sponge / gauze compress / gauze pad automatically.

By using various pre-sized absorbent gauze and with 2 operators in assistance, these machines automatically do operations: cutting, edge-creasing, scissoring, folding, forming, rearranging, output, and counting quantity. They can manufacture the products according to American Standards, European Standards and other Special standards. Upon request, they provide products through single-lane, double-lanes and multi-lanes to speed-up output and work pace. They also do special technological processes like Wet-mode folding, X-ray detectable tread applying and Operand resetting (2 operand, 3 operand, 4 operand). For the light-model machines, they can also be converted into 3 to 4--lanes for making the 4-ply and 8-ply gauze rolls or swabs in a high efficient working style.

We have two kinds of gauze sponge folding machine: 1.with folding edge(America folding); 2.with un-folding edge(French folding)
For gauze sponge folding machine with folded edge in, it can make:
5x5cm - 4ply,8ply,12ply,16ply;
7.5x7.5cm - 4ply,8ply,12ply,16ply;
10x10cm - 8ply,12ply,16ply;
10x20cm - 8ply,12ply;
For gauze sponge folding machine with un-folded edge in, it can make gauze sponge/swabs:
5x5cm - 8ply,12ply;
7.5x7.5cm -8ply,12ply;
10x10cm - 8ply,12ply,16ply;
etc. ,

The machine can be designed and made on customers' special request. For further infomation, please feel free to contact us.


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