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Alcohol cotton ball packing machine
2019/7/11 10:21:50 From:

Alcohol cotton ball packaging machine, alcohol cotton ball wrapping machine.

This machine is used to pack alcohol and cotton ball together in bag.


Main Specifications:

1. Peristaltic pump for alcohol & bucket chain feeding machine

2. Packing speed: 10-40bags/min

3. Sealing form: back sealing form

4. Packing material: nylon/PE

5. Foil thickness: 0.04-0.08mm

6. Bag width: 50-150mm

7. Bag length: 50-200mm

8. Max film roll diameter: 300mm

9. Including hot ribbon printer

10. Including photocell detector

11. Power: 220V


Main Features:

1. PLC & Touch Screen Control Panel, easy for operation.

2. Stepping motor for tensile membrane.

3. Setting parameters on the screen, easy to operate.

4. Frequency control, sealing jaws will open when machine was stop.

5. Peristaltic pump for alcohol & bucket chain feeding system is working smoothly.

6. Forming bag, filling, measuring, sealing, code printing in one process.

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