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Cosmetic cotton pad making machine
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Cosmetic cotton pad making machine, cotton pad producing machine, eye pad making machine.

It is suitable for the die cutting of cotton pads with rotundity and ellipse. Multi working procedures in one machine with high capacity, multi cavities in one cut mould (if work time as 100time/min, 3 cavities in one cut mould, and the capacity can arrive 300 pieces/min).Automatic count, directly to pack, high efficiency, and worker use less. The cotton pad quality is very good.


Main Features:

a. Magnetic powder clutch controls opening rolling automatically, running tension of the cotton roll is even, no changes in its thick ness, and slight distortion in its width.

b. Adopting high-speed punch system, it cans inorganic timing.

c. Counting output is available, direct bagging and reduce manual work.

d. The whole running system is a discontinuous motion, locates with precise, and has a good unity of forming size.

e. Adding knurling wheel can produce knurling cotton pads with nice and sharp figure.


Main Technical Specification

Production rate: 180-450pcs/min (3 cavity)


Draught error: ± 1mm

Power: Un-press pattern 4.5KW

         Press pattern 6.5KW

Externality size: 2300L*800W*1900H

Total weight: 1500KG





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