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absorbent cotton machine
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Cotton dental roll making machine
2019/7/6 16:38:16 From:

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dentistry dental roll machine.dental cotton roll production line. 

This production is special for producing dental cotton roll automatically, production process is: cotton strip rolling  coating glue  drying  cutting  output. It can produce dental roll with different specification on request.

    The production line adopts alloy steel, with exquisite appearance and simple construction, easy for operating and maintenance, the finished product - dental rolls are burnished, smooth and no burr.


Main technic parameter

1. Power supply: 380V, 50Hz

2. Power total: 8.6kw

3. Forming speed: 20-50 kg/h

4. Glue coating speed: 50-80 kg/h

5. Cutting speed: 60-80 shaft/min

6. Approximate weight: 2700kg

7. Dental roll diameter: 8-25 mm

8. Packing qty: 15/20/30/40/50 pcs/roll

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