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Non-woven shoe cover making machine
2019/7/6 16:58:42 From:

Non-woven shoe cover making machine, disposable show cover producing machine.

This machine is used to produce disposable non-woven shoe cover, which is suitable for house, hospital, lab, dust-free workshop, etc., The machine adopts stainless steel structure, separate electric control box, only need one operator, control automatically the material feeding, counting and collecting.


Main parameters:

1. Machine dimension: app. 1850x760x1750mm(LxWxH)

2. Suitable material: non-woven fabric (25-40g/m2), rubber band model (wrapped yarn no. 30-40)

3. Shoe cover size: depth 13-18cm, length 34-50cm(e.g. 15*36)

4. Production speed: 0-180pcs/min, better to be 120-150pcs/min according to thickness of material

5. Rated power: 4kw, 220V±5%

Inverter power 1.5kw, force power 1.1kw(3-phase)

6. Weight: app. 450kg


Main features:

1. High stability, excellent performance, low failure rate

2. Stainless steel and compact structure, small volume

3. Adjustable ultrasonic welding combined with electric welding

4. Can make different specification of shoe cover by changing mould

5. Automatic counting

6. Electric wheel automatic clutch(separate when stop machine, close when start machine)

7. Automatic shutdown protection for broken material / broken band

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