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Non-woven sponge / nonwoven swab / nonwoven compress folding machine
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Non-woven sponge folding machine, nonwoven swab folding machine, nonwoven compress folding machine.

This machine is a high speed folding machine used to process medical non-woven dressing sponge. The machine can process sponge specification as 5×5cm,7.5×7.5cm,10×10cm,10×5cm,10×7.5cm,20×10cm and so on, sponge ply can request as 4ply, 6ply and 8ply.


Main Feature:

a. Adopt open roll tension control technic, width stabilization high, no need adjust by hand.

b. For change specification only need to change machine head. Change machine head easy and credibility.

c. Linchpin part alloy steel, via heat treatment process.

d. Frame configuration, rigidity well, work stabilization high when high speed operating.

e. Work process intuitionistic and perspicuity, reliability high.

f. Adopt Pieces-jump count, reduce count load; can be count in 10-300 pieces limit.


Technical Parameter.

Open size: Length: 100200immobility× Width: 100mm600mmcan be adjust

End size:  length: 50100immobility× width: 50100mmcan be adjust

Can add perm X-ray function. 

Suitable Material: roller25-60g/㎡ :Spunlace non-woven, medical paper.

Material width: ≤Φ1200mm   width:100 600mm

Material core diameter: Φ 76.2mm (=3")

Speed: 200240 M/Min

Power: 3.2kw

Weight: 1000kg

Figure dimension尺寸: 1500mmH×800mmW×4500mm(L) 

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