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Alcohol Swab Making and Packing Machine / Alcohol prep pad machine
2019/7/8 15:40:39 From:


Alcohol Swab Making and Packing Machine, Alcohol prep pad machine, Povidone iodine prep pad making machine.

This machine is suitable to make and pack alcohol swab automatically.

Work flow:

4 nonwoven rolls and one packing film roll – folding lengthways – cross cutting – adding alcohol liquid – output nonwoven pad – make pouch – packing – sealing – output finished products.


Main features:

1. Advantage of this machine is higher capacity, lower consumption;

2. 4 side seal packing, sealing is firm, no bubbles, precise alcohol liquid quantity.

3. With touch screen, PLC control system;

4. Material can sue nonwoven or wet strength paper

5. Lengthways intelligent photoelectric trademark positioning system

6. Packing film unwinding cross correcting system


Main parameters:

Opened size: 25-35mm * 60-70mm(L*W)

Folded size: 25-35mm * 30*35mm(L*W)

Folding way: lengthways folding – cross cutting

Pouch size: 45-55mm * 45*55mm(L*W)

Capacity: 400pcs/min, 4 output lanes

Packing film: 65-110g/ aluminium paper film

Film spec.: Φ≤400 mm, width≤420 mm, inner core: 76.2mm(=3")

Material spec.: 30-70g /, spunlace nonwoven fabric

Material size: diameter≤600mm, width≤70mm

Material core size: Φ 76.2mm (=3")

Liquid adding type: mensurable, quantity error≤±1%

Total power: 2.6KW, 220V, 50Hz

Machine weight: 1000kg

Machine dimension(app.): 2600*1000*1900mm(L*W*H)

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