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medical products packing machine
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Film packing machine
2019/7/8 15:52:45 From:

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Film packing machine, condom packin gmachine, condom film packing machine.

This machine is widely used to pack medicines, health products, foods, cosmetics, stationery, audiovisual products, etc., with easy-open strip.  


Main features:  

1. When change mould, no need to adjust height of working table, no need to uninstall output chain and discharge hopper, only need 30mins to change mould(which old type machine needs 4hours).

2. Adopt new type double insurance device, when machine running out of sync, parts of machine will not be damaged even you not stop machine.

3. Special single-direction manual rotate device, to avoid rotate machine reverse, and during operation the hand wheel does not rotate to make sure operator be safe.

4. New type double revolving cutter, no need to sharp the cutter blade even after machine working for many years; it is better than traditional single revolving cutter which is easy to wear cutter blade.  


Main parameters:

Packing material

BOPP film and gold strip

Packing speed


Max packing dimension

240×120×60mm  (LxWxH)

Power supply

220V 50Hz  5kw

Machine weight


Machine app. dimension

2000×700×1500mm  (LxWxH)



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