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Medical bandage packing machine / 3side seal packing machine
2019/7/8 15:59:16 From:

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Medical bandage packing machine, pillow type packing machine, 3 side seal packing machine.

This machine is suitable to pack specified size surgical bandages, such as Plaster of pairs bandage, PBT bandage, gauze bandage and so on.


Main Features

a. Special adjust pouching system, better suitable for pack multiform size, multiform specification product.

b. Special in-feed system, when machine in operating, can adjust the position of in-feed.

c. Computer control system can adjust and display the speed, length, cutting point on interface.

d. Slippage sealing system, can adjust the middle height as request.

e. Import the color mark checking machine, checking exactly.

f. Frequency conversion.


Main Technical Specification:

g. Packaging film thickness: 0.03-0.08mm

h. Speed: 40-120pouch/Min

i. Size of pouch: 50-200mm

j. Power: 3 KW

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