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pharmaceutical machine
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  • semi-auto tube cream filling machine semi-auto tube cream filling machine

    semi-auto tube cream filling machine


  • Vacuum emulsifying machine Vacuum emulsifying machine

    This vacuum emulsifying machine consists of: oil tank, water tank, vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine, heating system, mixing system, vacuum system, electric lifting system, operation control cabinet, piping system. It is the most suitable equipment to produce


  • Wet mixing granulator Wet mixing granulator

     Wet mixing granulator  Working principle:The powder raw material and adhesive in a cylinder ate mixed fully at the bottom to become a humid soft material.Then it is cut through high-speed crusher and become uniform granules. The machine adopts horizontal cylinder structure.Its s


  • vibrating screen vibrating screen

    vibrating screenThis vibrating screen is applied for continuous screening of powder and inhomogeneous granulates in such trades as pharmaceutical , chemical and foodstuff,etc. Model KRA-400 KRA-600 KRA-800  KRA-1000 KRA-1200 KRA-1500Screen dish(mm) 350&nb


  • Universal grinder Universal grinder

    Universal grinderThe grinder set consists of grinder, ESC collector of raw material and ESC deduster.It solves the problem that the dust is suffusing during the period of grinding.The principle of work is: the raw material is fed into the crushing chamber, and then it undertakes the compre


  • Trough type mixing machine Trough type mixing machine

    Trough type mixing machine, trough mixer.This machine is designed for thoroughly mixing powders or pastes. It is a horizontal through type mixer with single stirring arm. The stirring arm is removable so that it is easy to clean. The parts’ surfaces which may touch the mixing materials are made of s


  • Tablet press machine Tablet press machine

    Tablet press machine, tablet pressing machine.This tablet press machine is a double-pressing automatically revolving piece-pressing machine which could make grain be pressed to be round piece, be carved characters, special shapes and double color piece prescription. It is mainly used in manufac


  • Swaying granulator Swaying granulator

    Pharmaceutical swaying granulator  This swaying granulator is widely used in pharmaceutical,chemical and foodstuff trades etc. It can make wet powdery material into granulates or crush block dry material,as well as carry out speedy granulation.  The drum swing repeatedly through


  • Simple type pharmaceutical universal grinder Simple type pharmaceutical universal grinder

         Simple type universal grinder, pharmaceutical grinding machine.      This machine is widely used for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, grain industry and so on.     This machine uses the relative motion be


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